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dance studio in tallinn


Be radiant in your feminine flow


Take your training routine to new heights.


DEESSE Studio - a heaven for women to embrace their femininity and general well-being.


Pole dancing in heels. Pole sequences are combined with floorwork to create a flowing performance. The dancers in Pole Exotic aim to create beautiful lines, seamless transitions, and aesthetically pleasing movements that require strength but look effortless. 

Outfit: That's your chance to shine bright! Wearing sexy clothes will make you feel more confident, relaxed, and feminine. And of course, don't forget the most important thing - pole dance shoes!


Knee pads are strongly recommended.


Pole Fitness combines dance and acrobatics movements centered around a pole. It is a sport direction that helps you get strong and coordinated. It works out your upper body and makes your muscles and bones stronger.

A cool thing is that people who do pole dancing often have smooth skin without bumps/сellulite.


Outfit: top & shorts. Small, tight shorts are the most practical clothing for pole fitness, keeping your legs fully exposed to allow for maximum skin contact on the pole.

Dance style that combines the strip dancing basics with acrobatic floorwork into a sensual choreography.


Strip / Frame Up choreo can be both fast and slow, depending on the style and presentation of the performer.


Each dance is not just a set of movements, it is a story that can be anything you want it to be. This style is mainly performed on the floor with minimal standing or walking. 

Outfit: any, but good to have high heels & knee pads.


Pole Art is a discipline that contains expressive and contemporary dance styles. It often involves story-telling and theatrical performances.

It goes beyond traditional pole dancing, incorporating creative and artistic movements, spins, and poses that emphasize the dancer's strength, flexibility, and grace.


Outfit: top, shorts & socks. 


High Heels style represents grace, sensuality, and an explosive boost of confidence. Dancing in high heels is more than just choreography - it is an art that captures feminine strength and elegance.


Your walking style becomes more elegant and refined while your dance movements become even smoother and more polished. 

Outfit: any, but good to have high heels shoes & knee pads.

* feel free to attend trial class just in socks.

Complete 60-minute stretching session focused on loosening up your muscles, improving their flexibility, and building endurance.

Goal: to improve flexibility of the whole body and to maintain high performance in pole sport and pole exotic dance classes.

Outfit: comfy clothes, but not too loose. Ideally your body curves should be visible. You can wear jumpsuits, leggings, or shorts with any kind of top or T-shirt. And don't forget socks! 


Introducing Mix Box, our dynamic new class led by fitness instructor Igor. Experience the perfect mix of kickboxing and functional training, designed to boost both your fitness levels and fighting skills. This class is effective, enjoyable, and it will improve your overall wellness.

Get ready to unleash your inner fighter while having a blast in this high-energy, transformative class. 

Outfit: sports clothes & sneakers.


Transform your core and sculpt those curves! High-energy fitness session with expert guidance. Get ready to feel strong, confident, and fabulous.

Abs & Butt is extremely important workout for both woman and men as it helps you to achieve your dream body and improves overall health condition!

Outfit: sports clothes & sneakers.


Embark on a fitness journey like never before with our exhilarating Zumba classes! Catch your passion for dance while sculpting your body, as our instructor Betty lead you through infectious rhythms and energetic routines.

Join the Zumba revolution and experience a workout that feels like a party – where every move brings you closer to a healthier, happier you!

Outfit: sports clothes & sneakers.



Reduces stress · Relieves pain · Improves circulation · Enhances mood · Boosts immune system


Pole isn't just a great sport, but also a chance for your child to boost strength, flexibility, coordination, and confidence.


Expert coach will focus just on you: motivate and accompany you on your journey to faster results.


Reduces pain · Provides support · Improves circulation · Treats injuries · Impoves performance · Improves blood flow

TAPING - 15-25

A detailed analysis of your physical level, health & dance goals, as well as the creation of a personalized training program.


Sip champagne, dance on poles, and capture the memories! Package includes a bubbly toast, a thrilling pole dancing session, and complimentary video/photos.


Prepare for your big day with our Wedding Dance Course! In 10 classes, master the art of dance with a personal instructtor. We'll make your first dance unforgettable.



Experienced Exotic Pole Dance coach. Julia has been teaching for 10 years and dancing for 25 years.


She has not only enjoyed the art of movement but has also participated in performances, competitions, and important judging moments.


Beyond dance, Julia is a novice sexologist, providing valuable insights into the impact of sexuality on well-being for a healthier and happier life. 


Her goal is to guide you in mastering dance techniques while gaining confidence in your body.


Pole Exotic│Strip│Stretching

Experienced Pole Fitness coach. Liza has been into Pole Fitness for over 15 years and teaching for more than 5 years. She's a real pro in this stuff! 

What's cool is that she's also done performances, competitions, and air shows. Her achievements inspire our students to aim high. Liza has super useful knowledge and is always happy to share it with you! 

But wait, there's more! Liza is also a pro massage therapist. Liza is great at making you look younger and feel more energetic. 


Pole Fitness│Stretching│Massage

Pro choreographer - a true master of her craft! Liza’s teaching method enables students to learn technical skills but also to feel their uniqueness on the dance floor.

By combining professional education, teaching experience and sensuality, Liza creates an atmosphere in which everyone can realize their full potential. 


High Heels│Strip│Stretching

Pole Exotic and Stretching instructor. With a lifelong passion for dance, Arina's journey began at the age of 3, exploring genres from ballroom and figure skating to gymnastics and estrade dancing.

Having such a versatile experience, Arina brings a unique blend of grace, rhytm, and enthusiasm to every session.


Pole Exotic│Strip│Stretching

​Pole Exotic and Stretching coach - talented and inspiring Lera Teino! She is experienced in gymnastics and dancing. Lera has been in professional gymnastics since childhood and has been teaching for over 3 years. 

Full enjoyment of training and new dance skills are guaranteed!


Pole Exotic│Stretching

Meet Kristin - our Pole Art instructor. She is not only a great dancer, but also a talented singer who became famous for her participation in the Estonian song contest "Eesti Laul".


Kristin will lead you into the world of barefoot pole dancing. Pole Art combines expressive and contemporary dance styles. It often involves story-telling and theatrical performances. It goes beyond traditional pole dancing, incorporating creative movements, spins, and poses that emphasize the dancer's strength and grace.


Pole Art

Meet Betty, our fitness expert and nutritionist from Latvia, now sharing her love for sports in Estonia. Betty is all about dance, fitness, and yoga, and she's thrilled to be part of our studio where she can do what she loves and help others.

With Betty, you get a professional who's not just great at her job but also loves making fitness fun and easy for everyone. Join Betty in our studio for energetic and enjoyable workouts!


Abs & Butt│Yoga

Meet Siret, our pole fitness and pole exotic coach, bringing her expertise to our studio.


By day, she's a professional physiotherapist at a local clinic, specializing in understanding the human body. Siret not only knows anatomy but also shares her knowledge through engaging lectures on posture and its importance, teaching how movement can achieve it.


However, her true passion lies in pole dance, where she finds joy and fulfillment. Join Siret for dynamic pole fitness sessions, where her positivity and love for dance create an enjoyable experience for everyone.


Pole Fitness│Pole Exotic

Alisia has created DEESSE brand in early 2021 and from that moment on she worked hard every day on building the image and reputation of this brand.

As a result, Deesse  established itself as reliable and customer-oriented brand, and has become a beloved by many clients all over the world. It all started with a dance clothing store, but by gathering a strong team around her, Alisia was able to go beyond that. 


CEO & Co-founder

Practice with Us


High Heels

Pole Fitness

yoga class


Reduces stress · Relieves pain · Improves circulation · Enhances mood · Boosts immune system


Elevate your style with our danсe clothes & shoes

  • Summer Photoshoots 📸
    Summer Photoshoots 📸
    Pick a date and time out
    Location details will be sent personally
    Series of summer Pole Photoshoots by DEESSE Studio ✨ 3 different locations - 3 different themes: 1️⃣ FOREST FAIRIES - 29.06 2️⃣ WATERFALL MERMAIDS - 20.07 3️⃣ SUNSET DIVAS - 17.08


strip / frame up

Татьяна, 29

Поскорее бы уже настало воскресенье, чтобы снова пойти на танцы!

Kaisa, 33

Mulle väga meeldis! Suur-suur tänu tänase treeningu eest, ei jõua ära oodata järgmist.

Teele, 25

Nii äge! Soovin jätkata Pole Exotic tundidega!

Надежда, 41

Очень теплая и дружная атмосфера на тренировке. Не было стеснения и зажатости, о которых я переживала перед тем как прийти. В общем все оказалось лучше, чем я думала!


Level: beginners

Pole Exotic│Pole Fitness│Strip

⭐️ Each course lasts 1 month and includes 6h of practice

⭐️ Closed groups, same people same level

⭐️ Learning the basic elements and movements

⭐️ Detailed explaination in simple language

⭐️ Developing flexibility and coordination

⭐️ Working with musical compositions and rhythms

⭐️ Individual approach

Price: 75€ / person

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Black CLASSIC Suede High Heels




Classic knee pads – Black Fire


Seamless Catsuit Black Panther


Push-up Mesh Leggings
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