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Pole Kids

Pole isn't just a great sport, but also a chance for your child to boost strength, flexibility, coordination, and confidence.


Pole dancing teaches proper posture, enhances fitness, and hones aesthetic skills.

Don't let your child miss out on exploring the captivating world of pole dancing with a skilled coach! We'll be happy to welcome your kids at our studio!

Age: 8-14 y.o.


Top & shorts, socks.

Small, tight shorts are the most practical clothing for pole fitness, keeping your legs fully exposed to allow for maximum skin contact on the pole.


Currently we have two Pole Kids groups:


Group 1

with Julia (RUS/ENG)
Tue / Thu 17:00-18:00


Group 2 - starts in April

with Kristin (EST)

Wed / Fri 17:00-18:00

Monthly fee: 75€

To register click here.


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