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Welcome to our relaxing massage service! We offer professional and relaxing massages to help relieve stress, reduce muscle tension and improve overall well-being. Our experienced masseurs use a variety of techniques to provide you with total body and mind relaxation. We look forward to welcoming you to enjoy a relaxing experience in our comfortable massage room!

Explore body freedom with DEESSE

You can book online or if our suggested time does not suit you, you can fill in this form and we will contact you.


Elizaveta is an expert in massage and physiotherapy. Right from the start, you'll feel her warmth and concern. She pays attention to what you need and considers your body's needs and health specifics, giving you the best relaxation and healing experience.

One of Elizaveta's talents is using tape during massages. She's really good at it and uses this technique to make massages even better, giving your body extra support and stability. She's creative and skilled, so she can come up with personalized solutions for everyone, making sure you feel as comfortable as possible and recover well.

Elizaveta doesn't do things the same old way. She treats each person as special, aiming to make them feel better physically and emotionally. Her expertise and caring nature make her massages exceptional, leaving you feeling totally well and balanced.


Eugene is a skillful massage therapist whose gentle yet strong hands create an incredible experience. He knows all the secrets of relaxation and healing. When he massages you, it feels like a graceful dance that brings harmony and peace. 

His touch doesn't just feel nice on the surface – it goes deep, easing tension and loosening tight knots. It's almost like magic, lifting away even the heaviest mental burdens and leaving you feeling light and happy.

To Eugene, massage is an art, not just a job. He wants each session to be special and better than expected, giving you a peaceful break from the world. With his gentle but powerful touch, he brings wellness and peace, making your body and soul feel joyful and balanced.


Olga is a skilled massage therapist with lots of experience – 7 years to be exact. Her main rule is "do no harm," which guides everything she does. Olga puts all her effort into every touch, aiming to not only help with physical issues but also to make a safe and calm space for your body and mind. She always has a positive attitude, making every massage session joyful and peaceful.

Every time you see Olga, you're in for a treat. She makes sure each massage is effective and enjoyable. She values your time and makes the most of every minute together. With her careful touch and reliability, you'll leave feeling energized and relaxed.Her gentle hands will make you feel warm and calm, giving you not just physical relief but also peace of mind.


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