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dance studio


About us

A brand new, spacious and creative Dance & Massage Studio located in Mustamäe, Tallinn.


230 m², 2 dance halls, dressing room with showers, waiting room, dance essentials shop, massage room and feminine vibe inside! 


Our mission is to help women live a healthy, active lifestyle, improve their sense of well-being and posture, develop their femininity and take care of their both mental and physical health. 


Meet the Instructors


Pole Exotic│Strip│Stretching

Meet Julia - our experienced Exotic Pole Dance coach. She's been teaching for 10 years and dancing for 25 years. Julia has not only enjoyed the art of movement but has also participated in performances, competitions, and important judging moments, witnessing the birth of true Pole champions.

Beyond dance, Julia is a novice sexologist, providing valuable insights into the impact of sexuality on well-being for a healthier and happier life. She's also great at boosting your confidence and bringing out your feminine side. Her goal is to guide you in mastering dance techniques while gaining confidence in your body, revealing your sexuality and elegance.

Liza Garden

Pole Fitness│Stretching│Massage

Meet our Pole Fitness coach - Liza Garden! She'll not only help you reach new heights but also improve your overall health and posture! Liza has been into Pole Fitness for over 15 years and teaching for more than 5 years. She's a real pro in this stuff! 

What's cool is that she's also done performances, competitions, and air shows. Her achievements inspire our students to aim high. Liza has super useful knowledge and is always happy to share it with you! 

But wait, there's more! Liza is also a pro massage therapist. She's really good at helping athletes recover from workouts and avoid injuries, making her the best Pole Fitness coach you can think of. Liza is also great at making you look younger and feel more energetic. 

Liza Plum

High Heels│Strip│Stretching

She is a professional choreographer - a true master of her craft! Each High Heels session is an opportunity not only to learn the high heels dance technique but also to express your own sensuality through movement. 

Her teaching method enables students to not only acquire technical skills but also to feel their uniqueness and individuality on the dance floor. By combining professional education, teaching experience, self-confidence, and sensuality, Liza creates an atmosphere in which everyone can realize their full potential. 

If you are seeking more than just a dance coach but a mentor who will help you discover your own charisma and confidence - congrats, your search is over! 


Pole Art

Meet Kristin - our Pole Art instructor. She is not only a great dancer, but also a talented singer who became famous for her participation in the Estonian contest Eesti Laul, where the annual Eurovision selection is held. 


Kristin will lead you into the world of barefoot pole dancing. Pole Art combines expressive and contemporary dance styles. It often involves story-telling and theatrical performances. It goes beyond traditional pole dancing, incorporating creative and artistic movements, spins, and poses that emphasize the dancer's strength, flexibility, and grace.


Pole Exotic│Strip│Stretching

Pole Exotic, Strip and Stretching instructor. With a lifelong passion for dance, Arina's journey began at the age of 3, exploring genres from ballroom and figure skating to gymnastics and estrade dancing.


Having such a versatile experience, Arina brings a unique blend of grace, rhytm, and enthusiasm to every session.


Pole Exotic│Stretching

​Pole Exotic and Stretching coach - talented and inspiring Lera Teino! She is experienced in gymnastics and dancing. Lera has been in professional gymnastics since childhood and has been teaching for over 3 years. 

Full enjoyment of training and new dance skills are guaranteed!



Meet Betty, our fitness expert and nutritionist from Latvia, now sharing her love for sports in Estonia. Betty is all about dance, fitness, and yoga, and she's thrilled to be part of our studio where she can do what she loves and help others.


With Betty, you get a professional who's not just great at her job but also loves making fitness fun and easy for everyone. Join Betty in our studio for energetic and enjoyable workouts!


Pole Fitness│Pole Exotic

Meet Siret, our pole fitness and pole exotic coach, bringing her expertise to our studio.


By day, she's a professional physiotherapist at a local clinic, specializing in understanding the human body. Siret not only knows anatomy but also shares her knowledge through engaging lectures on posture and its importance, teaching how movement can achieve it.


However, her true passion lies in pole dance, where she finds joy and fulfillment. Join Siret for dynamic pole fitness sessions, where her positivity and love for dance create an enjoyable experience for everyone.


CEO & Co-founder

Alisia has created DEESSE brand in early 2021 and from that moment on she worked hard every day on building the image and reputation of this brand.

As a result, Deesse  established itself as reliable and customer-oriented brand, and has become a beloved by many clients all over the world. It all started with a dance clothing store, but by gathering a strong team around her, Alisia was able to go beyond that.

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